Am I eligible for services and supports and how will I pay ?

Any person with a disability between the ages of 12 and 65 can receive services and supports and can purchase these a number of ways including funding from NDIS or Department of Communities,
self-funded or a fee for service. To see if you are eligible for funding please go to www.ndis.gov.au or www.disability.wa.gov.au

Do you provide transport ?

Essential Personnel can provide transport for individuals to access services and supports which may incur a kilometer charge. This will be discussed on an individual basis.

Do you provide family support ?

Essential Personnel can link you and family members/carers with various support networks and opportunities, including having a break Essential Personnel also have a house in Merredin which can be used by participants to build capacity and skills while having a break.

Are staff qualified/trained ?

Essential Personnel invests greatly in ensuring staff are capable and competent in providing quality services and supports. We support staff to gain the right skills and training to conduct their work in a safe manner, with the tools and skills required.