Our Values

Our Vision:

To enable youth with physical disabilities to access education and employment in order to live with dignity in the community.

Our Mission:

To assist and support young people with physical disabilities to gain access to education including tertiary level or access skills training, leading to an income through employment or self-employment.

Our Goals:

Assist disadvantaged young people with physical disabilities to gain access to education, professional skills, computer skills and farming skills that will equip them with the ability and experience to become employable or self-employed and, in time, self-sufficient.

Ensure that young people with physical disabilities assume a place in society, aware of their rights and be ready to contribute to society to the best of their ability.

Grow its financial independence through establishing business projects with positive cash flow, sustaining income into the future.

Strive to put an end to the begging culture that exists in Cambodia within the disabled youth that we support. We are determined to end the culture of begging and dependency that is so widespread amongst the disabled community in Cambodia.